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What is Botox Hair?

how it works?

What happens when used?

What is the result after Botox therapy?

How to take care of Botox hair?

Side effects of using Botox?

How to use Botox Princess?

The difference between creatine and Botox?

Who can use Botox?
Oils in Botox Princess:

Seed oil


Macadamia oil

coconut oil

Chamomile leaf extract

Aloe vera leaf extract

Camellia leaf extract

Cinnamon peel extract

Root extract


Parent fruit extract

Argan seed oil

۱- What is Botox hair?

It is actually a kind of micro creatine. Instead of sitting at the top of the cuticle, the formula penetrates deep into the hair and is a deep conditioner that is marketed primarily as a quick rejuvenator for hair and has immediate results.

Botox strengthens – moisturizes – shines – reduces hair loss and generally makes hair more controllable and well-groomed.

This product can be used as an alternative to microcreatine treatments, while Botox does not give smooth and silky Brazilian blow-out hair (creatine). But the hair is much softer before they fall out.

This product is a very suitable option for people with fine hair.

Use this product to achieve the things you need in life.

Princess Hair Botox promises to strengthen, moisturize, shine, reduce frizz, and control more hair.

With a frizz free treatment, you can now forget about hair worries and wash your hair the same day without the need for three days of quarantine.

The shelf life of this product is two to three months, which is recommended to use again after the expiration date.
۲. How does Princess Hair Botox work?

It is a deep softener that fills the empty space between the fibers.

Repairs broken or thin areas on each strand of hair to make your hair stronger and shinier.

Botox Princess with its unique ingredients fills and repairs hair strands, leaving them deeply hydrated, softer and more flexible.

This product penetrates into the deeper layers (deeper hair) to make the hair softer and smoother.

۳- What happens during use?

Botox does not use any injections and is applied directly to the hair strands.

This product can be easily used in beauty salons and at home.

The treatment with this product is that we first open the hair scales using an alkaline shampoo and prepare the hair strands to accept the material.

This Botox can be massaged from the roots to the ends of the hair.

For treatment with this Botox, the duration of the pause on the hair is usually between 20 to 90 minutes on wet hair, depending on the severity of the damage.

There are two ways to do the final steps and fix the material on the hair.

۱- It is possible to calculate the percentage of materials before applying heat and after drying, brushing and ironing.

۲- You can dry the material on the hair using a hot blow dryer and use it after ironing to absorb more material.

(The second method is recommended for hair with high dryness and very damaged)

The results are visible after the completion of the steps.

(It should be reminded that after Botox, do not expose yourself to chlorine and salt (sea water and pool) without a protector (cap))

۴- What is the result of work after Botox therapy?

The results after finishing work with Botox Princess are amazing.

Soft hair with a silky and shiny appearance.

Hair that used to be spongy and dry looks beautiful and attractive.

The mucous membranes disappear.

Inflates hair color impurities and makes hair color more beautiful and transparent.
Strengthens blonde hair and does not cause any color change on the hair.

۵- How can I take care of my hair after Botox?

To maintain Botox absorbed into the hair, use a nourishing shampoo and mask, free sulfate and free sodium. (If you have hair after coloring, use free ammonia dyes and increase the color pause for 10 minutes)

Depending on how many times a week you wash your hair, you can repeat Botox therapy.

Wash 1-2 times a week: Recharge Botox therapy once every three months.

Wash 3-4 times a week: Recharge Botox therapy once every two months.

Wash 5 to 7 times a week: Charge Botox therapy once a month.

۶- Side effects of using Botox:

The main ingredient in Botox is a toxin called botulinum, which is not found in Botox.

Working muscles and smoothing the skin works.

Botox helps to fill and straighten hair.

۷- Prince Botox recipe:

First, wash your hair with an alkaline shampoo so that the hair scales are completely open and the hair is completely ready to accept Botox.
Take extra water with a towel and divide it.
Apply Botox on the hair layers and massage and comb.
Pause the hair for 20 to 90 minutes depending on the severity of the hair damage, along with the cover.
Lighten the excess material up to 50 to 60% on the hair.
(The washing percentage of this step for very damaged hair is 20 to 30%)

First, blow-dry your hair with a hot blow dryer, then brush your hair professionally and then rinse. (For normal hair, ironing temperature is 200 ° C and for dechlorinated hair, 180 ° C).
. You can wash your hair the same day or you can quarantine your hair 24 to 48 hours.

As a result, you will have hair without frizz and wet and soft.

۸- The difference between creatine and Botox:


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